izdzáníí ndé nzhǫ́

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Dá nzhǫ. Shíí Lozen Tanguma shíízhii.
22. phoenix, arizona to corpus christi, texas.
anarcha-indigenist. two-spirit.
lé’ipa’ndé (lipan apache) / nʉmʉnʉ (comanche) / akimel o'odham (pima) / calo-gitano (romani)
punk. crust. powerviolence. grind.

not your Pocahontas,
not your Esmeralda,

George Jackson

Taken from his book “Soledad Brother: The Prison Writings of George Jackson.” (page 7)

Further on, George later says : “They send us to school to learn how to be so disgusting. We send our children to places of learning operated by men who hate us and hate the truth. It is clear that no school would be better.” (page 255)

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My culture brings all the whites to the yard

And they’re like, “I’m taking what’s yours,

Damn right, it’s mine and not yours!

Want it back now? k fine but we’ll charge”

Oh. My god this is brilliant.

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